Send Divestment Leaders to Swarm Training in Boston!

Goal: $2,000.00
As the Divestment Student Network dives into the process of developing a strategy for the long-term growth of our movement, it is essential that our leadership develop the tools to craft an expansive vision and make it possible. Building off the Momentum Theory trainings led by Ayni Institute (formerly known as Movement Mastery), the Swarm Training will explore how to structure a movement that expands our power and reach exponentially by maximizing the creativity and autonomy of our organizers. We will learn about the possibilities and challenges of decentralization, drawing from a wide range of disciplines including biology, network theory, and complex systems. The Swarm Training will allow us to connect with organizers in other powerful millennial movements, develop a strategy for decentralization, and adopt practices to grow a strong and sustainable movement culture.
Our ability to attend trainings like Swarm relies on your support! We are sending six DSN leaders to Swarm, and the average cost per-person is $400. Please consider making a contribution to help DSN leaders travel to Boston and attend the Swarm Training.

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