Reinvestment Training

Over the past 4 years, the fossil fuel divestment movement has successfully drawn a line in the sand: the fossil fuel industry and its supporters are on the wrong side of history. As we continue to win on divestment, it is also important to proactively move money into real solutions to climate change. The Reinvest in a Just Transition campaign will do just that.

At the Reinvestment Training and Strategy session on November 19-22, student leaders and staff from the fossil fuel divestment movement will come together to advance Reinvest in a Just Transition campaign.  We are working with communities that have been hit first and worst by the fossil fuel industry to build alternatives that prioritize the health of people and planet. Reinvested funds will go into community-owned enterprises that build long-term pathways to weather the climate storm.

This training and strategy session is essential for the success of the Reinvest in Just Transition campaign. It will prepare us to coach students on strategic campaigning while building toward a longer-term vision of climate justice. 

Thank you for your support as we enter the next phase of our movement!

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