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About the convergence

The Divestment Student Network 2016 People of Color (POC) Convergence will bring together students, alumni, and staff of color in the fossil fuel divestment movement for a weekend of training and education, relationship-building, and root-tending.

As an organization committed to building a multiracial climate justice movement, we know that “who you are” matters. While fossil fuel divestment is still majority white, organizers of color are leading in every facet of the movement. At the POC Convergence, divesters of color will ground each other in identity, stake, and role in our shared struggle against the extractive economy, moving beyond the “POC” label into the true diversity of our movement. It will be a vital space to make connections, gain skills, and grow our visions as organizers of color for divestment and the DSN.

At the POC Convergence, we will: 

  • Gain organizing skills and sharpen vision: We’ll dig into root causes of the climate crisis, develop social justice strategies, and train on key organizing skills.

  • Build relationships for the long haul: We’ll strengthen our connections across diverse identities as organizers of color; We’ll build shared power in the DSN, DSN POC Caucus, and broader divestment movement.

  • Tend our roots: We’ll honor our full selves and harvest our resources for resilience and shared strength. 


Who's making this possible?

The POC Convergence will be convened and programmed by the DSN POC Caucus and is made possible by the Divestment Student Network through grassroots support. Organizers of color and white organizers across the DSN are raising the funds needed to make the Convergence a reality. We know that the POC Convergence not only serves attendees, but strengthens our whole organization and divestment movement.


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