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About the Convergence

"72 hours. 50 people. 12 schools. One World Changed!" 

Students from throughout the Pacific Northwest region are doing the exciting work of planning a Divestment Convergence this Spring 2016. The convergence will be hosted by Divest University of Washington in Seattle on the first weekend of March.

Students from colleges across the northwest region will be coming together  at the University of Washington to strengthen the current fossil fuel divestment movement. The convergence is an important opportunity to build relationships and a strong community among a diverse set of people, who are just as passionate about the movement. Since this group is working with a similar purpose and advancing similar campaigns, they will share experiences and wisdom among peers to learn about and grow the climate justice movement.

The fossil fuel divestment movement has been a powerful force in shifting the narrative of fossil fuels and revealing our moral responsibility to address the climate crisis. Over the past years, the movement has spread from state to state, and the regional convergence is an important step in helping the movement grow and connecting it to the broader climate justice struggle in the region.

To find more details of the event, please visit our Facebook event page.


Who Is Making This Possible?

You are.

Through the grassroot fundraising efforts of our Divestment Student Network members, we are able to organize and host this event, which will inspire students and grow the climate justice movement. We are fueled by connections and actions, not fossils. This means that you can help. If you are able and want to support us in this event, please donate below. Every donation matters to us.

United we stand. Divested they fall. 


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