Support the 2017 Northwest Spring Convergence

Goal: $2,000.00

Last year, students from ten universities across the Northwest came together for a weekend of knowledge sharing and community building. It was a chance for individual divestment campaigns to develop strategy and create a plan for growing into a collective movement. At the same time, long-time organizers were able to help lead those recently-engaged in how to be an intersectional and effective organizer. The weekend of March 10th, we’re hoping to grow that weekend into something more. Now especially, the 2nd Northwest Convergence is crucial for students looking to organize in the quickly-changing political climate. 

The fossil fuel divestment movement has been a powerful force in shifting the narrative of fossil fuels and revealing our moral responsibility to address the climate crisis. Over the past years, the movement has spread from state to state, and the regional convergence is an important step in helping the movement grow and connecting it to the broader climate justice struggle in the region. Implicit in the divestment/reinvestment movement are the priorities of racial justice, economic justice, and supporting community-based businesses. 

In order for us to make this convergence a reality and strengthen our resistance in climate justice, we need your help! We are fueled by connections and action, which means you have a role to play! If you are able to support this event, please donate below. Every donation matters to us.


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