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Photo by Maria Merkulova

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The Weeklong Leadership Training is an explorative training founded in developing strong leaders for effectively building power and taking on the structural oppression faced by us all. Every year, National People's Action gathers trainers and evolving leaders for a transformative week founded in taking responsibility for the change we want to see in the world. As you can see from past participants, those attending rarely return the same.

This year, the DSN is sending four leaders wth a strong investment in organizing to Northbrook, Illinois to further develop their tools and personal stake in climate justice. We need you to help them get there! If you are able to help us strengthen the organizing power within the DSN and beyond, please donate below!

Our Leaders

  • Yin Htin (photo)Yin is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University and she worked at the campus divestment campaign for 2 years until graduation. Yin wants to continue working for climate justice and divestment . NPA weeklong training will provide her with skills, knowledge and confidence which will put her in the next level of her leadership in climate justice movement.
  • Noah Goodwin (photo):Noah is a student at the University of Mary Washington and was active in achieving divestment on their campus. As well, they are active with the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition, working on achieving a just transition in the state of Virginia.
  • Kristi White (photo): Kristi is a student at Northern Arizona University and is majoring in Environmental Studies. She has been working on the NAU campus divestment campaign and with community organizations around Flagstaff so that we can achieve a just transition to a socially just economy.
  • Rachel Levelle (photo): Rachel has just completed her first year at Seattle University with a Biology and Public Affairs double major. Over the past year she has become involved in her school's divestment campaign and network building throughout the pacific northwest.


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