Fund NW Network Organizer: Caitlin Piserchia

Goal: $2,000.00

Caitlin Piserchia

I’ve been working as the Northwest Network Organizer for the past three months, and I’ve been working as a Northwest Regional Organizer for over a year.  In that time, I’ve strengthened our existing network, co-created a regional vision, mentored four regional and campus organizers who are dedicated to organizing for the long haul, attended life-changing organizing trainings, and spearheaded both on-campus and virtual trainings of my own.  I co-organized a summer program for connecting across campaigns, political education, and online training, and I’m currently spearheading a NW convergence.  As a region, we are gearing up for our regional convergence, strategizing to sustain and grow our network for the long haul, and preparing to escalate!

With your support, I will be:

  • continuing to sustain the NW network and prepare students for bigger leadership roles

  • continuing to mentor student divestment organizers with a strong stake in divestment

  • continuing regional organizing between NW fossil fuel divestment campaigns

  • continuing a grassroots fundraising push for the region

  • bottomlining a NW DSN convergence that strengthens NW campaigns, builds organizers for the long haul, empowers POC leaders, and builds our regional power to take on the fossil fuel industry in the Northwest.

  • supporting Reinvest Montana’s spring escalation, as well as other escalation in the region

  • paving the way for a stronger focus on reinvestment and facilitating a just transition from fossil fuels in our region

I have been lucky to have incredible support and mentorship from other leaders in the divestment movement over the past few years.  I've grown immensely as a organizer and as an active agent in my own life, and I've been inspired to be bold and take on roles I couldn't have imagined doing a couple years ago.

I am especially committed to giving other students intensive support so they can run powerful divestment campaigns and grow into their power and ability as lifelong organizers.  I’m dedicated to making this network more sustainable, supportive, and powerful, and I've realized I need to fundraise for five more hours per week in order to make that possible.  Thank you for your support in sustaining my position!

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