California Spring Escalation Action Fund

Goal: $2,000.00

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The divestment movement is growing at an incredible rate - as of now the amount of money that universities, foundations, pension funds, cities, individuals, and other institutions have divested is a staggering $3.4 trillion. However, many universities are still refusing to wake up to the urgency of the climate crisis, and are ignoring the demands of their student bodies, faculty, and alumni. Divestment organizers have made many good faith efforts - meeting with Board members, preparing presentations and proposals, getting petition signatures, etc. The injustices of the climate crisis are not what our universities should be investing in, and it's not the kind of future that we want to live in. Inaction is not an option anymore. Our institutions have left us no choice but to escalate.

This semester, students will continue to make history by standing up against an industry that extracts from people, labor, and the planet - particularly the most vulnerable among us. Escalation will happen at multiple colleges across the state (and it will look slightly different depending on the specific school), but all will need strong financial support to pull off a series of actions - including funds for creative art displays, poster supplies, transportation, materials for actions and sit ins, and potentially bail funds.

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